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Does a Cheap Full Canvas Suit Exist?

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So you want to find the cheapest full canvas suit? Does that even exist?

The answer depends on what exactly you’re looking for in a suit and what exactly you consider cheap.

First, let’s briefly clarify the difference between a full canvas suit jacket, a half canvas suit jacket and a fused suit jacket.

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Full Canvas Suit Jacket

A full canvas jacket is considered the gold standard of men’s suit craftsmanship. Inside, an interior layer of canvassing material is placed between the outer suit fabric and inner lining of the jacket.

This layer of canvassing is made of wool and horsehair (sometimes camel hair), and it helps maintain the structure and shape of the jacket.

Fused Suit Jacket

A fused suit jacket has an inner lining that is glued to the front panel of the suit and the lapels. The fused material definitely gives the jacket shape, but it doesn’t conform to the body like a fully canvassed suit.

These suits are mass produced in a modern factory, with industrial manufacturing processes, rather than old world tailoring practices. That’s why they’re more affordable.

Half Canvassed Suit Jacket

A half-canvassed suit jacket has a layer of fused material in the front panel of the jacket, and then on top of this fused material, there is also a layer of canvassing that is stitched from the shoulder to the chest.

Basically, you are getting half of the canvassed material, so it fits better though the chest and the lapel. And this hybrid suit also costs less than a full canvassed suit.

So what are the best cheap suits? Are they fully canvassed?

In our shop, you’ll find both fused and fully canvassed suits. For a lot of guys, a suit with fused construction does meet their needs. Other customers are laser-focused on quality, and they want an incredible value for the price.

So you may be happy with a fused suit from some designer label like Hugo Boss. But if you truly want the finest quality, a fused suit or a half canvassed suit simply won’t do.

You can Get a Cheap(er) Fully Canvassed Suit

If you buy a pre-owned suit, you can get high quality and full canvas construction for a much lower price.

A brand new, full canvassed suit will retail at $3,000 or more. Buying secondhand allows you to purchase better quality suits for a fraction of that cost.

With new or used, the principle of caveat emptor applies. You may need to do some research. Be sure to check your measurements, since many pre-worn suits have alterations.

If you’re at all concerned with being fashionable or on-trend, then evaluate the style of the suit. Some pre-owned suits have a timeless style, while others can look dated.

The best buy is typically a full canvas suit – no older than 4-5 years – from a reputable maker such as Brioni, Oxxford, Isaia or Samuelsohn.

You can easily find these suits selling secondhand for prices well under$1,000. If you think that’s cheap, then yes – cheap fully canvassed suits do exist!