Retail Overstock Sales

If you’re a high end menswear retailer, we can help you liquidate your excess inventory online. When your clearance sale is over, send us the remaining stock and we’ll sell it for you. We position your products on the most popular e-commerce websites, including eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping.

As a retail partner, you can expect:

Sales Reports

Easily track your sales and payments.

Free shipping

Ship to and from or retail store at no cost.

Monthly payment

Get paid by check or electronic transfer.

Sell Your Overstock Men’s Clothing

As an upscale retailer, you might find that frequent sales and markdowns don’t fit the image of your brand. Presenting merchandise from past seasons, with few available sizes, is not what your customers expect. By partnering with an overstock outlet, you can solve this problem and re-focus your business on the latest and best inventory. Menswear Market can sell off your remaining stock with ease. Our online consignment service is dedicated to global e-commerce in the upscale men’s apparel category.

What We Sell


High quality name brand menswear, shoes, and accessories


Boutique, artisan, designer, luxury, upmarket brands


Returns, showroom models, samples, prototypes, closeouts


Recent (< 7 years) past season merchandise

How it Works

Your merchandise is sold on a 120-day consignment.  We arrange for shipment of your inventory via FedEx. When the merchandise arrives here, our team begins the work of marketing all items online – handling every facet of the online selling process. You’ll receive access to an online sales dashboard reporting your current sales and pending payments. Targeted placement in the most popular online outlets – eBay, Amazon and more – will ensure that your items sell quickly at a fair price. Each month, you receive payment for net sales minus the negotiated commission. To get started, please send us details about your overstock inventory. If your merchandise is an appropriate fit for Menswear Market, we’ll prepare a detailed proposal with terms.


Can you buy our excess inventory?

We do not buy merchandise from suppliers. The consignment agreement is a mutually beneficial system. Rather than buying your overstock for pennies on the dollar, we sell it for you at a fair market price.

How much will you sell it for?

Merchandise typically sells for one third to half of retail, but pricing will vary depending on the circumstances.

Where is your local pickup area?

Pickup is available only in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area. If you’re outside the Twin Cities, we can arrange a FedEx pickup at no charge.

Can we create a drop shipment agreement?

Sorry, in order to provide a cohesive experience for customers, we need to stock and sell the inventory.

What is your commission?

Please contact us for details as rates vary depending on the volume you’d like to sell.

How many items can you accept?

Due to limited warehouse space, your first consignment is limited to 500 items.