Frequently Asked Questions


What does consignment mean?

How does the consignment work?

What kind of clothes do you accept?

My items were not accepted. Can you tell me why?

What happens if items do not sell?

How much are my clothes worth?

How do I ship my items to you?

How long will it take to sell everything?

Who decides the price of items on consignment?

What is your commission?

Is it better to consign or sell them myself?

Why choose a men’s consignment store?

How many items should I consign?

How should I decide which clothing items to sell?

Where do you sell?

Can you recommend a different resale store or charity for donation?

Do you sell suits?


When does my order ship?

What shipping service(s) do you use?

Are the photos of the actual product?

Do you ship outside the United States?

Are your designer products authentic?

Can you express / overnight my shipment?

I never received a confirmation email. What is my order status?

Are your products used?

How do I return an item?

Do you accept offers?

Can you get me [X] item in a different size?

Can you notify me if you receive [X] brand?