Frequently Asked Questions


It’s an agreement to pay the supplier of goods after the goods are sold.

The first step to consign is getting your items accepted. Please send details of your collection, so we can determine their value and eligibility for resale. The next step is either shipping (using our pre-paid label) or local pickup.

We accept men’s clothes and accessories made by high-quality designer and upscale brands. All items must be clean and in excellent condition.

We consider and appreciate every consignment request. However, there are many reasons why we have to decline items. Your collection must at least meet a minimum value threshold in order to surpass our shipping and labor costs. When the estimated resale price of your clothing is too low, we cannot accept it.

Unsold items can be returned to you, or donated to a local charity. Return shipping fees may apply in some cases; please review your consignment agreement for details.

The value of preowned clothing depends on many factors, including: condition, current fashions, rarity, and retail prices. If you have men’s clothes or accessories that may be valuable, feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Use a shipping box or stop by a local office supply or home improvement store and buy a few inexpensive moving boxes. Line the box with plastic or paper and place your items inside.

Attach the Menswear Market pre-paid FedEx shipping label and you’re ready to ship. Simply drop your boxes off with a carrier and leave the rest to us!

It usually takes 2-3 months to sell every item from a client’s collection. In some cases, we also extend the selling period to increase your total sales

We determine sale prices for consignment items. If you have a specific value in mind, please mention this before you sign up.

Before your items are listed online, we’ll send you a document with resale prices for all of your items. Our pricing system works to satisfy all parties, including clients, customers and the store.

As a new client, you will receive 60% of the net sale price paid by check each month of the consignment period.

When you consign at Menswear Market, your items become available to a much larger audience of customers. They sell from our online store in addition to popular e-commerce sites like eBay.

To facilitate sales, you’ll receive expert services including garment prep, inventory management, product photography, copywriting, marketing, customer service, worldwide shipping, and package handling.

If you want the highest payment for designer and luxury items – and you don’t want to put all the work into sales – then consignment is truly your best option.

With our singular focus on menswear, we ensure that your items get exposed to the right audience. Our customers are specifically looking for high end men’s clothing (not designer handbags or furniture, etc). This means your items are more likely to sell fast, and at fair market value.

Send as many items as you want – as long as each item has been approved for consignment. If you’re sending merchandise from out-of-state, we recommend sending at least 10 items with a minimum value of $400 for the collection.

The simple answer is: sell the valuable items that you never wear or use.

Begin by cleaning out your closet. Remove items that you no longer wear or cannot wear. Then separate the valuable designer brand items from the low-value donation items. Create a basic inventory list with the brand name, item type and approximate age.

Damaged or defective clothing cannot be sold, so check garments for any damage or evidence of wear. If you find a defect, move the item to your donation pile.

Customers may purchase from our online store, eBay store, or during in-person sale events.

Sorry, we get this question frequently and do not have the time to provide guidance for everyone who inquires on the website. A local thrift store is typically the best and most convenient option for donations.

Yes, we are one of the few consignment shops focused on selling men’s tailored clothing. However, the vast majority of suits are not eligible for this service. We accept high end suits and designer labels only.


All orders ship on the next business day, guaranteed. We do not ship on American holidays (when the postal service is closed) or on weekends.

Most orders ship USPS Priority Mail, with a 2 – 3 day domestic delivery time. In some cases, we may use FedEx Ground or USPS First Class, with delivery expected in 3 – 5 days.

Photos are taken here, of the actual product for sale. We do not, and never will, use stock images.

Yes, if your region or country is not listed, please email us to coordinate an International order. We can invoice you directly through PayPal.

Yes, all designer products are authentic as branded, as described on the website. Our consignment suppliers are trusted partners who shop in retail stores such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Mr. Porter.

Sorry, we do not offer express shipping at this time.

Please check your Promotions or Junk email folder. If you still cannot locate our email, please get in touch. Some email services such as Yahoo and Hotmail do not accept email from our server.

Yes, although some products have technically never been worn outside, and some still have the tags, this is a resale shop.

Returns are accepted only for online / website orders. Purchases made in the retail store are final. To start an online return, please fill out the form on this page.

In most cases, items are not eligible for offers. However, we do negotiate pricing on marked down sale merchandise after it has been in stock for an extended period.

What you see in stock is what we have. Being a consignment shop means we usually sell just 1 size, and 1 unit of each piece.

Maybe, but we do not have a system for automatic notifications. Let us know exactly what you’re seeking, and join the email list to get updated about new arrivals.