3 Steps to Quickly De-Wrinkle Your Silk Ties

shirt and necktie

How to Remove Tie Wrinkles

If your neck ties are made with high quality silk, they’ll spring back to life even after repeated tying. But sometimes you’ll get a stubborn wrinkle or crease caused by improper necktie storage, which can often happen at home or while traveling.

A lot of people bring their wrinkled ties to local dry cleaner, which may work, but comes with some risk. Sometimes, after dry cleaning and pressing, your favorite tie will come back flat and lifeless.

Fortunately, this situation can be avoided – here’s one way to remove necktie wrinkles at home:

Using an iron

If you’re traveling or don’t own a good steamer, you’ll need to use an iron to get the wrinkles out.

Start by setting your iron to a cooler temperature. Many modern irons even have a specific setting for silk. Use a cloth barrier, such as a t-shirt or fine towel. Turn the tie over and iron on the back. Don’t iron as if you’re working on a dress shirt. Press gently and check the wrinkles as you go.

Using a steamer

Whenever possible, I recommend a steamer because it doesn’t actually touch the tie, so it’s the most gentle method and it usually works.

Step 1. Turn on your steam iron.

Turn on the steam iron and hold the steamer about 4 inches from the tie. Do not directly apply the steamer head to the fabric (although in some cases this may be necessary – see above instructions for ironing).

Step 2. Allow the steam to waft around the tie.

Do this for about 1 minute. You should begin to see the wrinkles disappear. Apply the steam carefully in an upwards fashion so water doesn’t drip onto the tie.

Step 3. Gently roll the tie from the small end to the large end.

Gently roll up your tie from the small end to the big end, and let it sit for a few hours. If you cannot remove the wrinkles after steaming once or twice, you probably need a new tie.