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Q&A: Smaller Suits with Narrow Shoulders

slim suits for skinny guys

My son is entering the business world and we’re struggling to find him a suit that fits. He is very slim and all the suits we’ve tried are too large.

Should I start looking in the boys department?  I’m in no hurry, but he will need to add suits for his career. Where should we look?

 – Bonnie

Hi Bonnie, we’ve sold a few suits in these smaller sizes recently. I also did a bit of research and came up with some ideas for your son’s suit.

Ready to Wear

Several popular designers offer suits in small sizes like 34 and 36. Also keep in mind that labels will often reflect European sizing (44 or 46 rather than 34, 36).


Suitsupply is a relatively new retailer on the scene. I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews for their suits, and the pricing is highly competitive. They offer a wide range of sizes, including a size 32.


Widely available in retail stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s, Theory is a Japanese brand known for their slim fitting, minimally structured suits, jackets, and trousers. One of their suits in a traditional style should work nicely in a business setting.

Dior Homme, Gucci, Balenciaga

Any recent suit from a luxury fashion brand like Dior, Gucci or Balenciaga will have a shorter jacket and narrow shoulders. These suits may be a fantastic fit, but they’re too fashion-forward for business attire.

Brooks Brothers and J.Crew

Some of the latest suits by Brooks Brothers (the Milano and Fitzgerald fits in particular) feature slim cuts and a narrow shoulder width. At a similar price point, J. Crew offers their popular Ludlow suit in size 34.

Budget Options

For lower price (and far lesser quality) you could check out H&M or Macy’s bar III brand for their suits and separates.

Made to Measure

If you’re not satisfied with these ready-to-wear options, you could always get a custom tailored i.e. “made to measure” suit. Most men don’t need a custom suit. However, if you can afford one it’s a fun experience and the final product is often exceptional.

Men’s designer brands, such as Armani or Zegna, offer their own made-to-measure options which you can find at department stores. When you choose one of these high end brands, the suit will hold value, which is nice if you want to resell it later.

If you’re in a major city, you can probably find a good local tailor who will measure you and create a suit in your size. You’ll work together with them to choose the fabric and achieve a perfect fit. Working with a professional has many benefits, especially if you’re particular about the details of your suit.