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Q&A: Resale Ralph Lauren

resale value of ralph lauren mens clothing


My husband has some Ralph Lauren Polo clothing (blazers and shirts mostly) and  some shoes. He recently lost weight and we are cleaning out his closet. Do you sell Ralph Lauren on consignment? How much could we get for these items?



Hi Marie, thanks for your question.

We definitely sell Polo Ralph Lauren. When running a menswear-only consignment shop, it’s virtually impossible to escape the brand!

The hard part with selling Polo is separating the basic, everyday clothes from the special pieces, because only the rare and higher quality items will fetch a high resale price.

For example, some Polo sportswear items from the 80s and 90s have a collectible status. And their Italian made jackets or suits, in excellent condition, may be worth selling on consignment.

It’s important that you don’t confuse Polo with the many other Ralph Lauren labels. Here’s a brief summary, in case you need more details.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Identified by the blue label, Polo Ralph Lauren could be the most popular clothing brand in America. The quality is usually good, but usually not outstanding.  Some of the highest quality items include the Italian suits and English made shoes. If you have anything with a strange graphic such as a teddy bear, lettering or flags then you may have a collectible item.

Purple Label

The Purple label represents some of the very best Ralph Lauren has to offer. The materials and construction are excellent and the styling ranges from conservative to bold. Suits typically sell for $200-$900 (depending on their age and style), and outerwear often sells for even more.

Black Label

RL black label includes stylish, excellent quality suits and tuxedos, as well as knits, trousers, polo shirts, dress shirts, ties and pocket squares. The price point is higher than Polo. Suits on resale are $200-$500, and dress shirts are $40-$80.

RRL (Double RL)

Western, workwear and vintage inspired Ralph Lauren can be found through the Double RL (or RRL) label. Some fabulous jeans, shoes, boots, belts, and even tailored clothing is offered at select retail stores.

This is another line that surpasses Polo in terms of quality and style. Similar to Polo, Double RL has produced a vast catalog of unique pieces over the years. For this reason, RRL clothes are often very successful on consignment.


On the lower end of the spectrum, you have Lauren RL, Polo Jean Co, Rugby, Golf and RLX. These diffusion lines are sold in low price retailers like Macy’s and Marshalls. They typically do not hold their value as well as any of the above Ralph Lauren lines.

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