The Luxurious Frames of Cutler & Gross – A Short Review

Cutler & Gross has been on my shopping radar since watching Kingsman on a flight from San Diego to Minneapolis.  The company supplied much of the eyewear for the cast, putting the finishing touch on the film’s exaggerated dapper style.

The following month, I found myself constantly browsing the C&G website and searching for the perfect frame, which led me to the local stockist Owl Optical.

I prefer bold looks when it comes to eyewear, and that’s why I like thick frames from Cutler & Gross. On days when I need glasses, I like to channel the style of  Buddy Holly or Yves Saint Laurent – men who wore their spectacles as a signature look.

Brown tortoise Cutler and Gross

After testing a few models, I landed on the C&G 0772 in a smooth matte brown turtle and the 0425 in glossy black. The 0772 Turtle would be my Rx glasses. We got a perfect fit in store. They’re wide enough for my larger cranium, while remaining proportional. They hug the temples just tightly enough. It’s much easier to get a fit like this in store, with a specialist.

0425 Cutler and Gross

The 0425 model is slightly wider and doesn’t fit me quite as well, but I absolutely love the style. In thick glossy black acetate with a sculpted shape, they’ve got the look of luxury without any tacky logos.

While C&G is a British brand, their frames are crafted in Italy. While many of their frames are outlandish, avante garde styles, these models have a more understated elegance. It comes from a combination of the fine details, such as their perfect finish, or the the tight tolerances within each piece.

With high end frames, I couldn’t skimp on the lenses either. With the Rx frames, I chose the digital free form lenses, which adds about $300 to the price. Along with that sticker shock, came the shock of actually seeing through these lenses for the first time. I felt drunk on clarity, like shooting laser beams from the eyes. Fortunately, after about 6 hours of wear, my vision had adjusted just fine.

Side quarter view, 0425 model black Cutler and Gross

The lenses in my 0425 are unusual yellow that actually makes vision brighter. They are in fact sunglasses, but I can’t reach for them on a sunny day. When the gloomy gray of Winter sets in, these “shades” are the ideal accessory.

After 3 months, I’m still really happy with both pieces. And at some point in the not too distant future, I’ll be adding a few more C&G opticals to my expanding collection.