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New Arrival – Vintage Athletic Wear by Ebbets Field Flannels

Visit our consignment store this month to browse a newly arrived collection by Ebbets Field Flannels. This Seattle-based sportswear brand creates authentic reproductions of mid-century Americana, most notably long-dead, obscure-league baseball apparel. EFF’s painstakingly-researched products recreate the golden age of American sportswear; when designs were elegant, and the materials natural and hardwearing.

More sports historian than fashion designer, EFF founder Jerry Cohen started out in the late ‘80s by reverse-engineering the classic athletic clothing he rescued from dusty old warehouses and store rooms. Recreating the original manufacturing techniques, and sourcing historically correct fabrics, Cohen has turfed a field all of his own within the highly competitive sportswear market, and today EFF’s products are now much sought after by those in the know.

Of course, with such a strong focus on authenticity, the whims of fashion have never been high among EFF’s concerns. But keep doing something well, without worrying about trends, and eventually trends will start worrying about you.

Right now many people are growing tired of poorly manufactured garments. Especially ones originating from distant lands with questionable labor practices. With this shift in purchasing habits, EFF’s USA-made products have seen their star in ascendance. What was once essentially a niche product for sports-nerds is now a global clothing brand for those who value quality, craftsmanship, and style.

Alongside seemingly endless hat designs – some dating from as far back as the 1920s – Ebbets Field Flannels also offers wool baseball jerseys, satin grounds crew jackets, and knitted athletic and football sweaters. These products are largely faithful reproductions of the apparel worn by Minor, Pacific, Japanese, Latino, and African-American league teams: a far cry from the predictable major-league merch we’ve already seen ad infinitum. Those looking for something truly unusual should check out the brand’s vintage woolen hockey sweaters; with their bold and anachronistic designs, this range of knitwear come cross as unexpectedly fresh and contemporary.

Aside from the inherent charm of retro colorways, classic logo designs, and romantic team names from bygone eras, EFF clothing distinguishes itself for the quality of its manufacturing, much of which is now taken care of in-house using locally grown wool. However, as production is done in exceedingly limited runs – often specifically to order – the one disadvantage here is that delivery times for such items are typically around a month or more.

For those lacking patience, or simply keen to pick up a bargain, we’ve received a small collection of gently used EFF clothing. The lot includes stylish satin windbreakers, varsity jackets, wool flannel baseball jerseys, hats, and graphic tees – all made to withstand the punishment of field sports.

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