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Barbour Liddesdale One Year Review

Review of the Barbour Liddesdale quilted jacket

In this short product review, I’ll share my thoughts on the Barbour Liddesdale quilted jacket, a classic outerwear piece that offers high end looks and a rather affordable price tag.

Although my collection of outerwear is rather extensive, I only keep a few pieces in rotation. During the past year, the Liddesdale coat was always around. I wore it all the time, from Autumn through late Spring.

Serving as your outermost layer. the Liddesdale is lightweight like a windbreaker, yet provides surprising warmth with a little quilt insulation. The fit is generous and long, so you can layer it over a heavy cardigan, suit, or jacket in the Winter. 

With a simple, unstructured fit, the coat doesn’t mind being stuffed under an airplane seat or into the bottom cargo area of a baby stroller. It’s an easy layering piece. You’ll reach for it any time you need just a little extra wind protection without a lot of fuss.

A quilted 3/4 length coat is currently a trendy style. You’ll see both men and women wearing coats that are generally similar to the Liddesdale. However, the Barbour has some minor stylistic touches that make it superior. The tall collar in wide wale corduroy is its most distinct feature. Other details like branded snaps, side vents and monochromatic trim add to the look.

While the Liddesdale is plenty sophisticated, it’s not remarkable. I’m not going to look like a runway model.  Nobody is going to pay me compliments. It’s a classically understated piece. You might even call it boring, but I think it looks smarter than most outerwear. A green model is the most common, and will always have that English countryside look. I prefer the Liddesdale in black or navy blue.

Pockets can make or break an outerwear piece, and the Liddesdale pockets are well situated. With a single zip pocket inside and generous hip pockets outside, you’ve got enough storage and you’re able to travel without the hassle of a phone/wallet/key falling out. However, it would be nice if the inside pocket were slightly larger, as a modern cellphone doesn’t quite fit (my coat is several years old, when phones were smaller; so perhaps they’ve updated this feature).

This coat is a bargain at $200 retail, which means you can easily find one for $50 – $100 used. When you consider the practicality alone, the Liddesdale is worth every penny. At that price, you don’t need to worry much about damaging or losing the coat. It’s dependable, cheap and pretty stylish.

Fit is generous and that’s fine. While it does have a tailored look, the original Liddesdale jacket is not designed to fit like a blazer or suit jacket. I wear a size 38 suit and bought the size S Liddesdale. Based on the sizing of my size Small, I would assume the Barbour size M is equivalent to a U.S. 42.

With its soft polyester shell, you can machine wash the Liddesdale. You can also easily spot clean it with a wet wipe. That said, this jacket is not as durable as a waxed cotton Barbour. In fact, it’s not even close. The waxed jackets could last a lifetime with proper care, while the Liddesdale should last 4-5 seasons, depending on how often you wear it. As I mentioned, you’ll want to wear it often. The fabric develops a shine and eventually something starts to give. That said, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with cost-per-wear of your Barbour Liddesdale. 

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