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Pre-Owned Bespoke Footwear from John Lobb London

London Bespoke John Lobb Ltd

New on consignment this week, we have four pairs of incredibly handsome, gently used shoes from John Lobb Ltd in London. As you can see in the photos, these bespoke shoes reflect classic styling with a modern touch.

Our client has been happy to experiment with different leathers offered at the London store. This batch features a pair of tassel loafers in black ostrich leather and penny loafers in both black and brown alligator.

Ostrich Leather Shoes by John Lobb Ltd

In African black ostrich leather, these tassel loafers are unique. The satin finish has an understated appeal compared to alligator or crocodile. The elegant shape is complemented by a wraparound lace detail and fringe tassels.

Lobb Bespoke Penny Loafer in Brown Alligator

Artisan crafted footwear is all about subtle details that come together to make a stylish whole. Observe the way in which the heel of the shoe is wrapped in large scales that gradually get smaller toward the toe. And the penny keepers, positioned on each side of the strap, are narrow slits that resemble eyes.

Lobb Bespoke Black Suede Wingtip

Wingtip bluchers in black suede have a timeless, low key style. Perforations decorate the entire shoe in the classic brogue style, including the tongue.

Genuine Alligator Shoes from John Lobb London Bespoke

Pre-owned bespoke shoes can be tricky when it comes to sizing. We’ve included measurements of the outsole as well as the lasted shoe tree for each model. The owner typically wears an 8 1/2 in US shoes, but occasionally a size 8. Any questions – feel free to get in touch.