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2023 Recap: Our Best Consignments of the Year

colorful collage of men's fashion items: hats, shoes, coats, shirts

Welcome to our year-end recap! Time to round up our favorite pieces from 2023. These were not necessarily our most rare or most expensive items sold. They were, however, ten standout items that customers viewed most during the past 12 months on our store. If you see something you love, sorry. It’s long gone. But you can be sure we’ll be listing unique fashions like this next year.

Real McCoys Buco J-100 jacket, pre-owned
The Real McCoy’s

The Buco J-100 replica from Real McCoy’s has that old school design, finish and fit.

Bode New York clothing, silk shirt
BODE New York

A creation by Emily Adams Bode Aujla with a detailed map of New York City.

Red oxford shoes from designer Jose Real
Jose Real

Our first look at the Jose Real brand were these eye-catching red oxfords with a sneaker sole.


Yuketen chukka boots with green velvet

Back in Fall 2013, Yuketen produced this “Pola Chukka” in the unusual green velvet seen above.

Pink coat
McKenzie Tribe

We tried to jump on the Barbie bandwagon with this hot pink leather coat. I’m proud to say we were part of the zeitgeist.

Apple Watch with a large camera attached
Apple + Wristcam

Throw out the minimalist Mac vibes. This is the Apple watch on steroids. 

Flannel shirt, Western, Kapital brand

Although you can’t see it from the image, the cut of this Kapital shirt is mind-boggling, flaring out from the waist in all directions.

Balenciaga brand hat, red

Your hype label of choice, aged to perfection

Colorful coat by Black Fleece Brooks Brothers designer Thom Browne
Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

A coat that sums it all up: why it was sad to see the end of Black Fleece by Thom Browne.

Zegna shoes

Zegna Couture sneakers in black velour with patent leather and white contrast. For fashion, probably not basketball.

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