Item Condition Grades

Our condition grades can help you understand the condition of pre-owned items. Each item is assigned a grade based on the visible evidence of use caused by wear, storage, and laundering. We evaluate each item and take care to document any significant flaws. You can find condition ratings in the item description tab of our product listings.

All items are pre-owned. Menswear Market has no relationship or affiliation with the designer brands described on this website.

Pre-Owned Items


Excellent: pre-owned, no evidence of wear, may include original packaging and/or tags when indicated in product photo(s). These products often include retail overstock and past season merchandise.


Very Good: item has been laundered once or twice, rarely worn or used


Good: gently worn, item has been worn numerous times, exhibits signs of general use, without notable defects or flaws


Fair condition: item has visible wear or a notable defect(s), which will be disclosed in the item description


Poor condition: as is, items with significant visible defects, which will be disclosed in the item description. These items are rarely offered for sale.