Update Regarding COVID19

Our Status During the COVID19 Pandemic

This page reflects our current status during the 2020 COVID19 health crisis. With many businesses closing their doors, you may have questions about how Menswear Market is handling the situation. Please view the following Q&A for details, and please understand that our handling of the situation may change in the days to come. We’ll do our best to keep this page up-to-date to reflect changes as they happen.

Q. Are you able to send or receive shipments?

A. Yes, we are currently shipping orders within 2 business days. USPS and FedEx are still providing service to our location.

Q. Is the retail boutique open?

A. The retail store at 3730 Chicago Ave is temporarily closed. The online store is open.

Q. When will the retail store open again?

A. Due to the ongoing protests, in addition to coronavirus concerns, we no longer have a re-opening date.

Q. What safety precautions are being taken to protect customers?

A. Our facility has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Our cleaning routine involves extra attention to surfaces. We are operating with no more than 3 employees who are instructed to wash hands and clean surfaces before and after working. We are taking social distancing measures seriously. The credit card reader has been relocated, and cards will not exchange hands. You may also buy items through the website and pick up at the store – let us know how in advance how we can accommodate your safety requests for these orders.

Q. Are you currently accepting consignments?

A. Yes, we are accepting consignments. Please allow extra time for processing as we have reduced working hours due to local school closures in Minneapolis.

Q. Can I purchase a gift card?

A. Yes, if you wish to support the business and shop later on, contact us to order a gift card online and we’ll mail it to you.