Soft Tailored Clothing from Isaia Napoli

Isaia Napoli is a luxury menswear brand with roots in the Neapolitan tailoring tradition.

Their designs feature distinct patterns, bold colors, and high tech luxury fabrics. You may recognize their iconic red coral pin, which rests handsomely on every jacket lapel.


The Isaia brand was founded in 1920 by Enrico Isaia in Napoli, Italy. Enrico opened a fabric store for local tailors and later added a small atelier next door. Along with his brothers Rosario and Corrado, he moved the business to the nearby village of Casalnuovo in 1957, where many of the residents worked as tailors. Within ten years, ISAIA became a tailoring company that produced the highest quality menswear for the most prestigious Italian shops.

By the 80s, the Italian brand had a new business strategy focusing on the international market. Soon, finely tailored Isaia garments were being shipped to Europe, Japan, China and the United States.

Isaia still crafts all of their garments at the factory in Casalnuovo di Napoli. Each Isaia piece is a masterwork in tailoring with nearly all the staff being second or third generation tailors.

Basic jacket construction is first completed on a sewing machine. From there, the rest of the jacket is finished by hand. The signature Isaia slanted breast pocket, an homage to the Neapolitan fishing boat, is hand stitched. Even small details like the buttonholes and monogram are sewn by hand.

The final pressing of the jacket is also a timely and meticulously executed process. Each finished jacket is ironed by hand for an hour and a half to refresh the cloth and refine the details.

Isaia is different in their commitment to innovation. “We have to provoke interest in men and encourage them to go out and take risks,” states Gianluca Isaia in an intervew for Esquire. “If you just give them the same old thing, they will not bite.”

The company has proven to be on the cutting edge with luxury fabrics like the Aqua series, made from wool, silk and cashmere fabrics that are not only stylish, but practically wrinkle resistant.

Today you can buy Isaia in men’s boutiques around the country, or in their stores located in Beverly Hills, Capri, Hong Kong, Kiev, Milan, Tokyo and beyond. For quality pre-owned Isaia clothing, shop our store online for regular arrivals on consignment.