Shopping for Vintage Clothing at NYC Flea Markets

During a recent weekend trip to New York City, I got a chance to browse a few flea markets in Manhattan and Brooklyn. In a dense urban area like New York, I didn’t expect to find any crazy bargains. The competition is just too fierce. However, I was hoping to encounter some unique fashion finds and the flea markets didn’t disappoint.

hell's kitchen flea market, new york

Fort Greene in Brooklyn was packed with people, while Hell’s Kitchen gave us a little more space to move and hunt around. You’ll see a lot of weird junk, as well as some designer and vintage clothingI took a few quick pictures for your viewing pleasure.

shoes at flea markets of new york city

The Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene had many interesting vendors. They spend lots of time and money to set this up. While you can expect relatively high prices, it’s worth it when you get lucky and find a really special vintage piece.

flea market, brooklyn, new york