10 Unique Luxury Gifts for Style Conscious Men

When buying a gift for a stylish guy in your life – whether he’s your husband, Grandpa or scuba instructor – you need to first understand his aspirations.

What are his goals when it comes to life and style?

Who does he want to be?

You must answer these questions, and dive deep into his psyche to lay the groundwork for gift giving.

For clues, look at his last 3 clothing purchases. If the wardrobe is stocked with old Ralph Lauren shirts, but he recently ordered a pair of Dior jeans, perhaps the tide is shifting in his style ocean. Take note.

Once you know more about his goals, it’s time to start shopping. To finally reel in the perfect gift, choose something indulgent that he’ll actually use. In other words – a useful thing he wouldn’t normally allow himself to buy.

I know you’ll need inspiration on your shopping voyage, so I’ve prepared a list of luxurious gift ideas, specifically for husbands who have amazingly thoughtful partners.

Le Gramme Jewelry

Bracelets and rings, such as this sterling silver piece from Le Gramme, make a statement without crossing the line into obnoxious bling territory.

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Turnbull & Asser Pajamas

Lounging around in a Turnbull & Asser gown will make anyone feel like a king. If the gown is out of your price range, try the pajamas. It’s not easy to find beautifully tailored pajamas.

Bally Transfer Pack

Business travel is a grueling experience these days. If your guy has a regular air travel commute, he’ll appreciate luxury carry-on luggage like this smooth little backpack from Bally.

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Tateossian Bracelet

These beautifully detailed bracelets by Tateossian are sold at upmarket retailers like Saks and Selfridges. With a wide price range, you can snag a gift that’s modest or extravagant.

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London Undercover Umbrella

A well-dressed gentleman should not carry a cheap umbrella. But for many guys, this accessory is an afterthought. One of these umbrellas from London Undercover should make him think differently.

shirts by Brooks Brothers

Made to Measure Shirts

This gift is two-fold. He gets the experience of creating custom clothing, and shirts that are destined to become favorites. Ask the staff in your local Brooks Brothers for a “made to measure” gift card (and fill it up with at least $300).

shoe valet, gift idea

Saphir Valet

A great valet takes the business of shoe care from messy to tolerable. Some people even enjoy it! Any man with a large collection of leather shoes will appreciate this high capacity valet from Saphir.

The Rake

The Rake is a niche magazine with a focus on the world’s best menswear. Perfect for the man who wants in-depth style articles complemented by elegant, inspiring photography.

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