Fashion Trends for Fall 2022 [Menswear]

It’s back-to-school time, and back-to-the-office, or perhaps back to your attic where you sit through boring Zoom calls and type TPS reports. In any case, fashion designers have been preparing special collections just for you. Here’s our Fall-Winter roundup of what’s trendy this season.

Hiking Sneakers

Getting outside is trendy in 2022. It feels good, so I can’t blame anyone for loving their trendy hiking sneakers. This is partly driven by a bigger movement called “gorpcore” – but also the outdoor recreation boom that came during pandemic times. Hiking sneakers offer a lighter, less clunky alternative to boots. Look to brands like Naglev, ROA, and Lanvin for the elevated versions of this category.

Seasoned knitwear

When I worked at a pizza parlor, I asked why we never washed the giant spatulas used to remove pies from the oven. They are “seasoned” was the answer, and that’s a positive thing. Don’t call the spatulas dirty.You can consider a garment seasoned when it shows a few flaws and repairs (maybe even some discoloring?) Zegna and Etro have introduced knitwear pieces for 2022 with faux mending, for that treasured thrift store discovery look.

Climate positive clothes, sustainability

It’s a bad look for a designer to be contributing to climate change, or adding to the pile of fast fashions washing up on shorelines in Ghana. Brands like Allbirds and Askov Finlayson propose solutions like carbon offsets, but it might be simpler to buy pre-owned, and avoid materials that make a heavy ecological impact.

Bomber Jackets

Yes, you’ve seen this one before! Whether it’s a trend or just a staple outerwear piece, the bomber jacket appears to be the most reasonable trend seen on fashion runways for 2022.

If you’re not looking to embrace the absurd runway trends like catsuits, exposed boxers, oversized shoulders, or low rise Y2k era wide leg cargo trousers – you could at least add a bomber to your wardrobe this Fall.

Tall Boots

As seen in runway shows and street style photos, tall boots are in (again). Knee-high boots can look a bit ridiculous, unless you’re an equestrian. But if you’ve got some tall combat boots stashed away, it’s a fine time to break them out.

Elevated Polo Shirts

The polo, often derided as a boring golf shirt, has been elevated by designers in recent years. A textured knit, boucle, or terry cotton polo would be on-trend this September. Check out Todd Snyder for a plethora of these modern polo variations.

Do trends matter?

When reading about fashion trends, you can get the idea that someone expects you to buy new things or even replace your wardrobe every year. This is not my intention.

It’s true that the fashion industry benefits from the cyclical and transient nature of style. Change, however, is driven by many other factors aside from a desire to push new products to market. For example, young people wish to dress differently from their elders, designers are always pushing the boundaries of their creativity, and technology brings innovative new solutions to the design of fashion products.

Therefore, if you care about culture, innovation and creativity – then you should pay attention to the changes in fashion.

You should also understand that trends are going to affect your purchasing decisions. When you choose to be informed of current trends, you’ll understand why your friends are suddenly all wearing a new thing. They were swept up in the trend! They’re all wearing tapered sweatpants and riding e-bikes, and they don’t know why. You could do it too, and if you’re informed, you know the whole story, and whether it’s worth being part of a particular trend or if it’s actually quite silly.