Eleventy Offers Tailored Clothing With A Casual Elegance

Eleventy is a growing Italian brand offering sporty, casual tailored clothes at affordable price points. The brand’s version of Italian tailoring is a modern expression of smart casual.

Tailored jackets are easily paired with joggers or high quality denim. The looks are versatile enough to be worn in the office, on a night out, or even lounging at home. It all depends on how you choose to style the designs.

Green Cotton Unstructured Eleventy Jacket

Softly tailored, deconstructed jackets are super light with no padding or lining. Their innovative fabrics appear traditional, yet offer lightweight, bi-stretch and non-iron qualities. You can travel comfortably  – and in style – with jackets like these. Stuff one into your carry-on bag and it will emerge wrinkle free.

Eleventy jacket

If there’s a signature piece from Eleventy, it’s probably the knit blazer. Like a hybrid of a cardigan and sport coat, this blazer is easy to wear. It’s very slim yet comfortable with just enough stretch quality in the wool.

Eleventy hooded jacket

Designers Marco Baldassari and Paolo Zuntini built the Eleventy brand with sustainability in mind. They continually search for ways to reduce waste, with the ultimate goal of reaching zero impact level for the production process. It’s a natural fit for Eleventy to land in our resale shop, because quality clothes demand to be worn (and re-worn when possible). Browse our current selection of blazers and sport coats to see this collection now.