Brioni Releases New Ad Campaign With Metallica

Brioni surprised the fashion world this week with the unveiling of their latest ad campaign – featuring Metallica, the American heavy metal band.

The pairing was said to signal a more masculine tone for Brioni – a strategic move as their competitors skew more and more feminine.

Heavy metal is without a doubt masculine in tone (almost literally). The fan base is overwhelmingly male, a fact you can confirm at any live metal show.

But what seems odd about a luxury Italian tailoring firm partnering with Metallica is that heavy metal fans don’t typically wear suits.

Brioni doesn’t make sleeveless black t-shirts as far as I know. They don’t sell baggy jeans.

So on the face of it, the Brioni + Metallica campaign looks quite odd, like “brand suicide” as one Instagrammer commented. But it’s actually a brilliant way to reach an audience of guys who are ready to buy a high end suit.

Because this ad campaign is not about heavy metal today. It’s about heavy metal in 1985.

Their goal is to reach a valuable demographic target.

American males around age 30-40 grew up listening to Metallica, and still have a nostalgic affection for them.

These guys have most likely moved on from their heavy metal days, and they probably dress better now (like adults).

And today, a good number of them can probably afford a Brioni suit. That’s what makes this ad campaign a winner. The fact that it turned heads in the fashion world was only a bonus.

You can see the new ads with some humorous behind-the-scenes video on Instagram.

Photo by Flickr user Anna Hanks