Best Made Co. Outdoor Wool Pullover Shirt Review

Best Made Co. makes the most beautiful axes (yes, the wood-chopping kind) I’ve ever seen—colorfully painted handles, bridle leather covers, and drop forged steel.

They comb the world for high quality camping and fishing knives too; a factory in Japan manufactures their signature Higo knife that fits perfectly in jean pocket; a manly tool based on the premise that, out in the wild, you’ll never know when you’ll need a knife.

The wild, however, in this case is Brooklyn, New York, home to the Best Made headquarters. A brick-and-mortar shop resides across the bridge in Tribeca and across the country in Los Angeles.

I’ve grown quite fond of the company’s aesthetic over the years, starting with an enamel mug that functions quite well miles from a campfire.

Lately, their design team has been tackling ready-to-wear goods aimed at outdoor-conscious urbanites with a taste for rugged stitching.

The Urban Lumberjack Shirt

I fell in love with their Wool Pullover as I was searching for a warm shirt that could stand on its own during chilly, early mornings and then layered-up for chores around town.

The heavyweight, blazing red wool is a knockout. The pigment is rich and unique; the wool holds its shape and repels the elements with ease.

Best Made really invested time into the details. At the collar, a functional hanging loop is stitched for easy drying. The collar proportions are slim; it looks great folded down or turned-up for extra warmth. The three-quarter placket sets this garment apart.

The heavyweight, blazing red wool is a knockout. The pigment is rich and unique; the wool holds its shape and repels the elements with ease.

Natural horn buttons extend right below the sternum, with reinforced stitching around the tension point. This is critical considering the constant struggle of pulling off and on.

I love the integrated elbow patches that extend from the cuff for extra protection where you’ll need it: typing at your desk (like me) or chopping wood at the campsite.

The pullover is finished with side-gussets: a luxury detail that helps the shirt fit close when untucked.

Sizing & Fit

Many outdoor designers stop at size small, which really measures to a 40 in most cases. Best Made Co. intelligently offers an XS: for those at a true 38, who really want a slim fit. The shirt fits perfectly in the shoulders and sleeve, trim without being constricting in the bicep region.

There’s a generous sleeve length, spot on for a 34-inch. I like to leave the placket unbuttoned as a stylistic choice, it would pull slightly otherwise.

You’ll want to wear a layer underneath this shirt. The wool is smooth, but hard as nails. The added layer improves airflow.

Merely softening over time, this shirt can really take abuse. It’s a great piece to throw on for an early dog walk or coffee run.

Taking off the pullover is my only complaint. Sometimes, I feel like it would be easier to have my girlfriend (or another friendly helper) to pull it off than worm-out of it after a tiring day.

As owners of Pendleton blankets can attest, this heft of wool is subject to creasing after long storage folded-up. You’ll want to keep your shirt hung in the closet to air between uses and avoid wrinkles.

I wouldn’t dare machine wash it or trust any dry cleaner for the task. Let fresh air do the work. With an occasional brush treatment and proper storage, I expect this one to last a decade or more.